Why the Cowboys should try to claim RB Darrell Henderson Jr.

The Dallas Cowboys have one of, if not the best running back tandems in the entire NFL.

The havoc possible with their new version of Thunder and Lightning was on full display Sunday in Minnesota

. Tony Pollard and Ezekiel Elliott combined for four touchdowns on the day,

 doing what they currently do best. And that’s exactly why they need to go out and secure help.

Wait, what? That’s right, because of how well Elliott and Pollard are working together,

Dallas needs to consider getting help. They likely won’t win the waiver claim,

but they absolutely should put one in on recently released Rams running back Darrell Henderson. Here’s why.

Not sure what is happening in Los Angeles, but it’s been a strange season for their running backs.

 It got to the point that the Rams were publicly discussing trading Akers,

 but as the trade deadline approached Akers seemed to buy in and the talks subsided.


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