Why Cowboys' Ezekiel Elliott is wearing a futuristic helmet for 2022 NFL season

If you're watching the Cowboys and find yourself wondering, "What kind of helmet is Zeke wearing?" Well, so were we.

Dallas star running back Ezekiel Elliott is rocking a unique-looking helmet —

 one that has never been seen before until this season. His lid looks like something from a futuristic football league,

giving the former All-Pro a sleek style when he's running between the tackles.

Elliott's helmet has been a talking point throughout training camp and

 it's leaving viewers who are just tuning in for the start of the regular season with questions.

What type of helmet is Elliott wearing and why did the Cowboys star elect to make an equipment change?

The Sporting News has answers to both of those questions below.

Elliott, who has always been on the forefront of fashion and style, is one again innovating.

The running back had been rocking the Riddell Speedflex since his days at Ohio State University but is making a switch this year.

He's keeping it in the same branded family but instead, changing to the new Riddell Axiom.

When asked why he changed helmets, Elliott had a quick-witted response.

 “They come out with the new Ford F-150. You got the old one, you want the new one.”

But all jokes aside, there are fundamental and scientific reasons for the helmet switch.

The new Riddell Axiom helmet allows players to take another step toward improving the prevention

 of common football-related brain injuries like CTE.

It starts with 3D scans to customize the helmet's shape, and the removal of

 the top bar on the facemask allows players to have a broader view of the field.

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