Why Cowboys could try trading for DJ Moore or another WR before deadline

Could the Dallas Cowboys be interested in making a midseason trade for a struggling team’s top receiver?

It’s happened before, and it could happen again in 2022. One name that feels unlikely but is intriguing is that of Carolina Panthers wideout DJ Moore.

On the surface it feels far-fetched, but there are reasons for each side to seriously consider such a move.

All signs point to quarterback Dak Prescott returning to the lineup in Week 7

, as the Cowboys return from a two-game road trip. They faced off against the World Champion Los Angeles Rams,

who have struggled this season, and division-leading Philadelphia, who have not.

The Dallas offense has fallen on hard times under the stewardship of Cooper Rush,

Going an unimaginable 4-1 over the five games Prescott missed might have Dallas two games

 behind the Eagles but it leaves them smack dab in great position to pursue a playoff spot as their schedule gets

 a bit easier. Dallas faced both Super Bowl participants and a third 2021 division winner (Tampa Bay),

 who played well enough to compliment an extremely strong defensive performance to start the season.

 the worst passing defense (by DVOA metrics) in the league. It’s great chance to get going on the right foot.

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