Who Are The Highest-Paid Coaches In The NFL In The 2022-2023 Season?

That means we don't know exactly what every single coach earns every year.

 However, we've got intel on more than half of them — 19 of 32 coaches have their salaries publicly available.

So, this list has the caveat that it's the highest-paid coaches whose salaries we do know. Here are the top ten.

Since joining the Rams in 2017, Sean McVay has led the team to two Super Bowl appearances and one championship.

The team has also never posted a losing record under his reign. McVay talked about possibly retiring after the Super Bowl victory,

 or perhaps transitioning to a television role. Despite an offer from Amazon worth a reported $100 million over five years,

Bill Belichick has been with the Patriots for 22 seasons, making him the longest-tenured head coach in the NFL

. And for good reason: Belichick has won three AP Coach of the Year awards, leads coaches in all-time playoff victories,

and the Patriots have won six Super Bowls since he took over. Belichick also handles decision-making for the team,

offering input on draft selections, trades, and free agent signings. It's worked out so far, and the Patriots have paid him accordingly.

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