What Jim Harbaugh said after Michigan football beat Nebraska, 34-3

 Somehow, a game in which Michigan football won in dominating fashion was quite ho-hum,

 a relatively boring affair. Yet, the Wolverines won big, having beaten Nebraska, 34-3.

Again, Blake Corum shined, and again, the pass game wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders.

But the defense held the Huskers to just three points, including none in the second half.

The Wolverines have given up just three points cumulatively going back to Week 6 at Indiana.

After the game, Jim Harbaugh addressed the good, the bad, and what the team needs to improve upon.

Here is everything he said in his postgame press conference.

They get a lot of attention inside our program. Just really, really doing a great job,

having a great season. Mazi and Kris Jenkins, Mason Graham just doing so good.

The edge guys, I mean, they just keep coming. So many really good players doing a great job.

and Clink knows what he’s doing on the back end, it’s really good and really special.

The quarters now with — there’s a great rotation with DJ and Mikey and Gemon and Will. And the safeties

 — Rod Moore doing a tremendous job. I wish I had more Rod Moores. Guy’s a tackling machine, gets them on the ground.

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