What is the salary of a special teams coach in the NFL?

Special teams came into focus after this unit took the San Francisco 49ers to victory over the Packers,

 while that of Green Bay cost them a place in the NFC Championship.

 attributed in large part to poor plays by the special teams in the last moments of the game

, the coach in charge of this part of the squad, Maurice Drayton, may find himself on the chopping block.

The special teams unit often gets overlooked, but in the case of the 49ers-Packers game,

 they spelled the difference. Its coordinator is the coach who is responsible for leading them during practices,

How much do special teams coaches/coordinators earn?

the same goes for the coaching staff. Head coaches are known for bringing in giant paychecks that reach the millions

(such as New England Patriots’ Bill Bellichick’s reported annual salary of $12 million),

and even defensive coordinators like Dan Quinn of the Dallas Cowboys can land an $8 million salary annually.


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