What College Football Playoff chair Boo Corrigan said about Michigan football

Thanks to both a dominant win over Rutgers on Saturday, as well as Clemson and Tennessee losing,

Michigan football moved up to No. 3 in the latest College Football Playoff rankings.

But was it simply because teams ahead of the Wolverines lost or was it because the maize and blue asserted themselves.

On Tuesday night, after the rankings were released, we got some answers.

College Football Playoff rankings committee chair Boo Corrigan met with the

media via a conference call to discuss the second release by those who put the rankings together. In terms of Michigan football

 and Ohio State, how the two relate or differentiate,

 Corrigan says that the Buckeyes have a slight edge given the win over Notre Dame,

 but both teams have been spectacular as they’ve compiled 9-0 records thus far.

“We put them up and we talked about each team individually,” Corrigan said. “

We talked about them in groupings to make sure that we’ve got it in the right area or in the right spot as we go through this.

 the way that they played. They’ve done a really good job of pulling away from teams.

“As you look at Ohio State, obviously they both have to win over Penn State and Ohio State has that win over Notre Dame.

top-10 scoring defenses and we’re going to continue to evaluate it as we move forward. If anything,

that nonconference schedule for Michigan and has been a factor.”

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