'We can do better than that,' post-snap penalties irk Cowboys DC Dan Quinn

It was Monday afternoon, and Dan Quinn was still upset.

In his weekly press conference the day after a game,

 the Cowboys defensive coordinator usually has some opening remarks: a story he wants to tell, an observation from

 the game he wants to share, some theme to let the assembled media members know what he’s thinking about and

 what sort of tone things will take with him as he closes the book on one opponent and prepares to open up the book on another.

But following the Cowboys’ streaky 26-17 loss to the Eagles, Quinn still had plenty to chew on from the night before.

“It’s been a little bit of a weird day,” he opened. “Some people have said, ‘

that we needed to have a good second half. We’ve got really high standards about how we want to play,

and so when we don’t meet them, we’re pissed about it. We want that ass-kicking performance start to finish:

The 52-year-old coordinator saw several things from his unit Sunday in Philadelphia that caused his

colorful consternation. Too many missed tackles was one. Getting no takeaways was another.

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