Watch: Cinematic masterpiece about Notre Dame's win over Clemson

A big game calls for the best possible coverage.

That’s what Notre Dame knew had to happen ahead of the big football game against Clemson.

 Little did anyone on the video production crew know that they were about to capture

 the program’s most impressive game in recent memory.

Once post-production was complete, the result was something that will bring chills up your spine,

tears to your eyes, a smile to your face, and warmness to your heart:

The victory over the Tigers at Notre Dame Stadium in 2020 looked like it would be tough to top.

 Instead, the rematch in 2022 topped it and then some.

Many Irish fans seem to agree that this pure domination in front of a sold-out crowd ,

and millions more watching elsewhere represents a turning point in the program.

 Only time will tell, but for the first time in a long time, a future in which the Irish are able to show up in big games appears nigh.


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