Was Lewis Hamilton Ever Married to Nicole Scherzinger?

After 16 years in F1, Lewis Hamilton has achieved seven world titles and has become one of the most accomplished driver on the F1 grid.

 In his professional career, one can say he is living the dream. However, success comes with a price tag,

and for the Brit, it was his personal life that took the backseat.

Arguably, the closest Hamilton came to tying the knot was with his girlfriend of 7 years, Nicole Scherzinger

Thus, making the Pussycat Doll lead singer a feature of his camp from the get-go.

The duo shared a fair number of highs and lows together

. Notably, other than his family, Scherzinger was the one by his side on the day he raised his maiden world title in 2008,

and in an interview, she proved she is his number one fan.

She said, “I only go to a Grand Prix to support Lewis. I am in awe of Formula One because there is so much money

, technology and talent. For me there’s only ever one winner and a lot of people would agree with me on that – Lewis is the best.”

The F1 superstar and the American singer led very different lives in their time together.

Hamilton, who is committed to the Mercedes for his F1 duties,

finds himself in a different country almost every weekend of the year. However, even when he found some time for his personal life,

 it was the Grammy-nominated singer’s schedule that kept her occupied. As a result, the couple called it quits in 2015.

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