top 25 2023 recruiting classes in college football so far 

All of the worry that came with NIL and how it would affect Clemson football’s recruiting capabilities .

have all seemingly faded as the Tigers have put together one of the top 2023 recruiting classes in the country so far.

During Swinney’s tenure with Clemson, the team has consistently brought in some of the best talents across the country.  

While the bulk of talent Swinney and the Tigers recruit varies yearly, the players they find

Looking at the current 2023 class the Tigers have put together so far, Clemson’s class is looking like it could be special.

According to 247Sports, Clemson’s 2023 class currently ranks as a top ten class in the country, and there is surely room to grow from here.

Here is where Clemson ranks among the top 25 recruiting classes in the country right now, according to 247Sports composite rankings:

  1. Alabama Total points: 299.20 2. Texas Total points: 286.53 3. Georgia Total points: 286.04 4. Notre Dame Total points: 285.58 

5. Oklahoma Total points: 284.84 6. Ohio State Total points: 284.70 7. LSU Total points: 284.39 8. Clemson Total points: 268.62  

9. Miami Total points: 264.31 10. Florida Total points: 261.71 11. Tennessee Total points: 261.36  

12. Penn State Total points: 260.06 13. Oregon Total points: 257.39  

14. USC Total points: 248.80 15. South Carolina Total points: 237.18 

16. Arkansas Total points: 235.14 17. Louisville Total points: 224.92 18. Baylor Total points: 222.44  

19. Texas Tech Total points: 220.64 20. North Carolina Total points: 218.78 21. Michigan State Total points: 214.08 

22. Cincinnati Total points: 212.28 23. Florida State Total points: 212.11  

24. Texas A&M Total points: 210.66 25. Washington Total points: 207.62

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