Three Questions Entering Georgia - South Carolina

No offense to last week’s opponent, but there is no reason for an offense like Georgia’s to begin

the game with multiple red zone trips early on to result in field goals against an FCS team.

Is there enough talent to outweigh the Williams-Brice Black Magic?

On paper, Georgia should handle this game easily. The on-field aspect, however, is not played out on paper.

 UGA has taken numerous teams, sometimes very talented ones, to Columbia and the result has either been a struggle win at times or faceplanting loss.

Be it bad calls, bad luck, crazy bounces, or Georgia just not seemingly making it off the bus,

weird and bizarre things happen, and if you grew up listening to Munson, this game may worry you. In 2002,

Georgia needed one of the biggest individual efforts - the Pollack strip/fumble to win. In 2004, all the talent Georgia had, and it still needed a second-half rally to win.

 But as Kirby Smart alluded to after Samford, this defense has not yet hit adversity.

He may not have high-end weapons around him, but Gamecocks QB can make throws and extend plays.

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