The NFL has returned alternate helmets in 2022: Ranking all 13 from best to worst

For the first time in a decade, the NFL is permitting teams to add a second helmet to their uniform inventories.

 This enables some clubs to celebrate their heritage with throwback looks,

while others take a different route by introducing an entirely new crown to their repertoire.

(Following the 2012 season, the league had limited each team to one helmet –

 the rationale being that players were better protected by one piece of properly fitted headgear.

 That rule meant only teams like the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins, for example,

could affect a retro look, needing only to swap out helmet decals.

Squads opting to use alternate helmets must ensure each player's is the same model and size as his primary helmet,

 and it must be worn in practice preceding games when it's used.)

1. Cincinnati Bengals 2. New England Patriots 3. New Orleans Saints

4. Atlanta Falcons 5. New York Giants 6. Washington Commanders

7. Dallas Cowboys 7a. Cowboys, part II 8. Houston Texans

9. Philadelphia Eagles 10. Carolina Panthers

11. Chicago Bears 12. New York Jets 13. Arizona Cardinals

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