The day after: Lasting thoughts on Notre Dame’s shutout of Boston College

That was a memorable game yesterday, wasn’t it? The Irish absolutely dominated the visiting Eagles,

snow and shine. The most impressive win of the year left a very positive taste in everyone’s mouth

and it’s going to show here as well. These are my lasting thoughts about Notre Dame’s 44-0 trouncing of Boston College.

When the weather changes and passing becomes much more difficult

, there are plenty of teams that struggle with conditions, this Notre Dame team is not one of those.

 Their very solid defense travels, even with some struggles last week, but for the most part it’s a very good unit.

with the offensive line dominating their opposition opening holes for the backs to take advantage of.

The question now is what happens in California next Saturday,

where the conditions won’t be nearly what they were in South Bend yesterday.


Marcus Freeman speaks after Notre Dame win over Boston College