Should Notre Dame pursue Texas quarterback in portal?

College football’s postseason and off-season are so different now than they were just a few short years ago with one reason being the transfer portal.  

Welcome to recruiting on steroids that happens to move at the pace of a Formula 1 car instead of semi-truck-pace high school recruiting moves.  

Thanks to the portal teams can go freely recruit players from other schools to fill positions of need.

Notre Dame hasn’t had a huge amount of players enter via the portal but some select difference-makers certainly have.  

Ben Skowronek led the team in receiving yards in 2020 after transferring from Northwestern.

 Jack Coan went 11-1 as the starting quarterback in the 2021 regular season after being passed over at Wisconsin due to injury.  

And this season it was another former Northwestern star, safety Brandon Joseph, who made the biggest impact as a transfer.

and others did via the portal last off-season, but we do expect them to search for a veteran quarterback.

 Drew Pyne’s limited ceiling, Tyler Buchner’s never-ending injury concerns,

So with that in mind, we’re taking a look at potential quarterbacks for Notre Dame to land via the portal.  


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