College Wire staff predict the winner from each SEC game

Over the first two weeks of the season, the SEC is a combined 22-3 in nonconference action.

the weekend we saw the South Carolina Gamecocks fall to the Arkansas Razorbacks and Florida Gators come up short against the Kentucky Wildcats in conference action.

During Week 3 the SEC will see the Georgia Bulldogs take on South Carolina and,

 the Mississippi State Bulldogs travel to the Bayou to tangle with the LSU Tigers.

With a full slate of games in the SEC, our staff from the College Wire made their selections for all 12 games.

The Game Pickers: Patrick Conn, Regional Editor AJ Spurr, Roll Tide Wire E Wayne, Razorbacks Wire River Wells, Auburn Wire

Game Pickers: Sergio De La Espriella, Gators Wire Joe Vitale, UGA Wire Tyler Nettuno, LSU Wire

The Game Pickers: Dan Harralson, Vols Wire Joey Ickes, Aggies Wire

Georgia Bulldogs vs South Carolina Gamecocks Conn: UGA Spurr: UGA Wayne: UGA Wells: UGA De La Espriella: UGA Vitale: UGA Nettuno: UGA Harralson: UGA Ickes: UGA

Youngstown State Penguins vs Kentucky Wildcats Conn: UK Spurr: UK Wayne: UK Wells: UK De La Espriella: UK Vitale: UK Nettuno: UK Harralson: UK Ickes: UK

Abilene Christian vs Missouri Tigers Conn: Mizzou Spurr: Mizzou Wayne: Mizzou Wells: Mizzou De La Espriella: Mizzou Vitale: Mizzou Nettuno: Mizzou Harralson: Mizzou Ickes: Mizzou

 Miss Rebels vs Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Conn: Ole Miss Spurr: Ole Miss Wayne: Ole Miss Wells: Ole Miss De La Espriella: Ole Miss Vitale: Ole Miss Nettuno: Ole Miss Harralson: Ole Miss Ickes: Ole Miss

Penn State Nittany Lions vs Auburn Tigers Conn: Penn State Spurr: Penn State Wayne: Penn State Wells: Penn State De La Espriella: Penn State Vitale: Penn State Nettuno: Penn State Harralson: Penn State Ickes: Penn State

 Commodores vs Northern Illinois Huskies Conn: Vandy Spurr: Vandy Wayne: Vandy Wells: Vandy De La Espriella: Vandy Vitale: Northern Illinois Nettuno: Vandy Harralson: Vandy Ickes: Vandy

Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks vs Alabama Crimson Tide Conn: Bama Spurr: Bama Wayne: Bama Wells: Bama De La Espriella: Bama Vitale: Bama Nettuno: Bama Harralson: Bama Ickes: Bama

Mississippi State Bulldogs vs LSU Tigers Conn: LSU Spurr: LSU Wayne: MSU Wells: MSU De La Espriella: MSU Vitale: MSU Nettuno: MSU Harralson: MSU Ickes: MSU

Missouri State Bears vs Arkansas Razorbacks Conn: Arkansas Spurr: Arkansas Wayne: Arkansas Wells: Arkansas De La Espriella: Arkansas Vitale: Arkansas Nettuno: Arkansas Harralson: Arkansas Ickes: Arkansas

Akron Zips vs Tennessee Volunteers Conn: Tenn Spurr: Tenn Wayne: Tenn Wells: Tenn De La Espriella: Tenn Vitale: Tenn Nettuno: Tenn Harralson: Tenn Ickes: Tenn

South Florida Bulls vs Florida Gators Conn: UF Spurr: UF Wayne: UF Wells: UF De La Espriella: UF Vitale: UF Nettuno: UF Harralson: UF Ickes: UF

Miami Hurricanes vs Texas A&M Aggies Conn: Miami Spurr: Miami Wayne: Miami Wells: Miami De La Espriella: Miami Vitale: Miami Nettuno: Miami Harralson: Miami Ickes: TAMU

If you know where the open roads are going to take you, choosing an RV will be a little easier.

If you know where the open roads are going to take you, choosing an RV will be a little easier.

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