.Odell Beckham approves of Cowboys' dominant Week 11 performance

The top remaining free agent in the NFL appears to like what he saw out on the field Sunday afternoon.

Unless he was super impressed with the Cincinnati Bengals allowing the lowly Steelers offense to score 30,

 or the Raiders needing overtime to get to 22 points,

it’s more than likely Beckham’s tweet was in response to the Cowboys 40-3 emphatic road win.

Early on Sunday it was revealed that Beckham, who has five or six teams on his potential fit list,

 If the NFC East rivals were auditioning for Beckham’s services on Sunday,

 Dallas clearly came out on top as the Giants lost at home, big, to the Detroit Lions.

Dallas’ offense hit on all cylinders with quarterback Dak Prescott hitting 22 of 25 passes

 and running back Tony Pollard having 190 total yards. It was the second time in three games Dallas broke the

 40-point barrier and the drubbing of an 8-1 team on the road had to catch everybody’s attention, including Beckham.

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