Notre Dame vs USC: Perfect Hollywood Script Co-Written By The Irish

If you grew up a Notre Dame fan or even became one later in life, there is one lesson you learn early.

 Losing to USC is never OK. It just isn’t. Period. For any reason.

Winning seven of the last nine battles and every one since 2017 only to relinquish control so quickly

and in showstopping fashion in year one of both Marcus Freeman and Lincoln Riley’s tenures will sit poorly with the Irish all off-season.

Aside from dropping to 8-4 on the year the Irish also aided in catapulting USC potentially into the College Football Playoff

and most assuredly aided in Trojan’s quarterback Caleb Williams’ Heisman bid.

Certainly, he is spectacular, and likely deserves the award on merit alone.

1. Slow Start Everybody who has watched Notre Dame play this year knew that they could not afford to get behind USC early.

 The Irish offense just isn’t built to keep up in a shootout. A fast start was critical for Notre Dame to dictate play their way.

2. Turnover Battle Again, a key area Notre Dame simply could not afford to lose at -2. Not only could they not afford to commit 2 turnovers, 

but both were absolute backbreakers. At critical times and junctions in the game. Brutal.

3. O Line U? Notre Dame was thought to want to enter this game and play bully ball up front.

4. Irish Defense Nov 26, 2022; Los Angeles, California, USA; Southern California Trojans wide receiver Jordan Addison (3) runs,

Much of what USC tried to do either functioned through the effective run game or Williams’ ability to extend plays.

5. Containing Caleb Williams Specifically This was perhaps the most frustrating part of the game from an Irish fan perspective.

 Caleb Williams was terrific. But he didn’t have to look as good as he did.

Both of these statements can be true at the exact same time.

Notre Dame did a particularly poor job containing him all night, as everyone does.

I get it, But Notre Dame couldn’t allow it to happen in this moment.

If you grew up a Notre Dame fan or even became one later in life, there is one lesson you learn early.

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