Notre Dame vs Clemson: 5 Keys To An Irish Win

Notre Dame football returns to South Bend this weekend after a very solid road win last week in Syracuse.  

The Irish return home to host the undefeated, No. 5 Clemson Tigers in a game that has been circled on both sets of fans’

calendars for years. While Notre Dame and Marcus Freeman haven’t held up

 their end of the bargain in terms of making this a top-10 matchup, there’s still a lot on the line.

Nothing Notre Dame accomplishes on the field the rest of the season can erase the two awful losses that sent the season sideways.

With that being said, a win over Clemson would certainly help change the 2022 Notre Dame narrative.

It would help ease some of the “poor play at home” concerns and would be a nice feather in the cap for recruiting as well.

This is the elephant in the room. It’s inexplicable,

yet has remained true all year that Notre Dame plays better away from home. They just look looser,

more relaxed, and yet also more energetic. While this is certainly welcomed for road affairs,

the Irish must get right playing in the shadows of Touchdown Jesus.


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