Notre Dame football: A first glance at USC

The sleeping giant of the rivalry that is Notre Dame-USC is starting to wake up.

 That noise you hear isn’t a loud truck passing by.  It’s actually the giant’s alarm clock going off.  

Giant might still be wiping the sleep off its eyes as it gets ready to roll out of bed but the covers are coming off

and we’re all about to enter an era that this rivalry hasn’t seen in a sustained matter since the seventies.

Yes, there is a lot of hate and a lot of winning between Michigan and Ohio State as well as Alabama and Auburn.  

Only remaining Pac-12 CFP contender Fans of the Pac-12 like to say that the league cannibalizes itself more than any other conference and that’s why nobody

 from the conference has made the College Football Playoff since Washington earned a berth in the 2016 season.

 Cannibalization has nothing to do with the fact that the conference hasn’t had a truly elite team in years.

USC is the Pac-12’s only remaining hope for a CFP berth this season as the Trojans are 10-1.  

 USC would theoretically have three-straight wins over ranked opponents if they can beat Notre Dame

Not only did USC beat crosstown rival UCLA in a thriller, but they received help elsewhere as well.  


Notre Dame football: Welcome to Beat SC week