Notre Dame fans fed up with Drew Pyne vent on Twitter

You have to feel bad for Drew Pyne. He became an accidental starting quarterback for

Notre Dame after Tyler Buchner went down with a season-ending injury during the Irish’s second game.

To his credit, he has handled this situation about as well as he possibly can.

However, none of that matters to a loud part of the Irish fan base that has seen more of Pyne than it cares to any longer.

Before the first half against Syracuse even ended, people filled Twitter with anti-Pyne tweets

 to the point where Pyne was trending. To Pyne’s credit, he did complete a long pass to Michael Mayer during

the half’s final minute to set up a short touchdown pass to Jayden Thomas.

 The interception he threw to end the drive before the touchdown still might be more fresh in people’s minds. Here are some examples:

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