Notre Dame defensive end earns national recognition for performance against UNLV

This past weekend might as well be remembered as the Isaiah Foskey game.

 The junior defense end finally came around with a performance many expected this fall,

 racking up three sacks against a over-manned UNLV team.

Not only did Foskey take down the quarterback three times, he blocked two punts as well,

 marking a stellar performance from the potential early enrollee to the NFL Draft.

The game will be on multiple highlight reels as teams decide if they will take Foskey but before

 they’re able to do that, the Paul Hornung Award recognized Foskey for his performance last weekend,

 putting him on their honor roll this week.

The Hornung Award is given out to the most versatile player in college football

 and what Foskey accomplished last weekend caught the eye of their selection committee.

Hopefully this is the beginning of a frantic finish for Foskey, as the Irish have three remaining

opponents that are ranked left on the 2022 schedule, starting this weekend against Syracuse.

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