Notre Dame bye week breakdown: what we know through 4 games

As is often the case when discussing Notre Dame football, how you feel about the Marcus Freeman

led Irish after his first month at the helm depends much upon your perspective and what lens you choose to view things from.

Certainly there are justifiable reasons for concern in the short term such as

 the lack of collective production out of the wide receiver group or the entirety of the Marshall game debacle.

At the same time there are justified reasons for optimism in the long term after the impressive offensive performance

the Irish delivered in Chapel Hill last week and the resolve the team has shown after a rough start to the season.

While there is much nuance to navigate and grey area to ponder when analyzing the infancy stage of the Freeman era,

I do feel that there are some knowns that we can count on as we transition into the second phase of the season.

Known 1 - Marcus Freeman Is Settling In Being a first time head coach is immensely challenging for anyone,

 the enormous microscope that is perpetually focused on Notre Dame football.

Known 2 - Notre Dame's QB Conundrum After a shaky start under unfortunate and unexpected injury related circumstances,

 Drew Pyne has settled in as the starting quarterback. While undersized,

Known 3 - Offense Will Be A Work In Progress While it’s wonderful the offensive line has come to life in the last seven quarters

 and has improved quite dramatically from weeks 1 and 2, the Irish offense overall is going to be a work in progress all year. T

Known 4 - The Buy In Notre Dame found itself swimming against the current right out of the gates this year.

After all the hype, all the buildup, all the excitement of the newness of a new era of Notre Dame football.

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