NFL Week 5 betting tips: Five props that pop

I got cocky trying to bet on Captain Kirk across the pond. But at least the bravado paid off with Josh Jacobs

and Darnell Mooney, both of whom smashed their respective overs and bucked fantasy narratives.

Let's make more gutsy -- and winning -- calls in Week 5! Utilizing ESPN's metrics database and

 some assistance from stats ace Kyle Soppe, I'm here to help you win in fantasy and at the books.

"Rushing QBs are a cheat code." The mantra has been burned into our brains.

So much so that I think it's time for a contextual reminder. Let's use Murray as an example.

The "Hail Murray" has been absent from Kyler's 2022 start. He's barely inside the top-13 in deep ball attempts

 (16, QB13) and averaging a meh-worthy 239 air yards per game (QB22). But despite clearing fewer than 210

passing yards in two of four games and throwing only five TDs over four weeks, he's still the QB6 overall in fantasy.

What Kyler has lacked through the air, he has made up for on the ground. Murray is inside

 the top 10 in nearly every advanced rushing metric, averaging six rushing attempts (QB8) and 22.8 rushing yards (QB9)

 per game. A pair of goal line scampers certainly don't hurt either.

This is the way it has always been with Murray. (He has managed at least 50 rushing yards in 15 career games!)

And it's not going to change versus Philly on Sunday. As Arizona fans (and Kliff Kingsbury critics) know all too well,

 the Cards are rarely ahead (4.5% of offensive snaps played with a lead).

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