NFL Power Rankings Week 7: Where Bears stand after loss vs. Commanders

Aaron Rodgers got dump trucked by the New York Jets, Tom Brady was silenced by the Pittsburgh Steelers,

 and Lamar Jackson gave one away to the New York Giants.

Throw the Bears in there as well after Chicago threw up on itself in an inexcusable Thursday night loss to the Washington Commanders.

Elsewhere, the injuries are piling up for the San Francisco 49ers and Los Angeles Rams,

 the Atlanta Falcons and Seattle Seahawks are tied for first place in their respective divisions

, and Josh Allen got the best of Patrick Mahomes in the likely precursor to the AFC title game

.1. Philadelphia Eagles (6-0): Find me the first Eagles loss on the schedule. I’ll wait.

2. Buffalo Bills (5-1): Buffalo’s offseason acquisition of Von Miller might be the piece that finally gets

them past the Chiefs. Miller closed out Sunday’s win in K.C., but the Bills know they’ll see Patrick Mahomes again.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (4-2): The Chiefs lost to the Bills during the regular season last year. That didn’t faze them. Expect Buffalo-Kansas City part two in late January.

4. Minnesota Vikings (5-1): All the Vikings do is win ugly. That’s good enough to take control of the NFC North.

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