NFL Power Rankings: Baker Mayfield has fallen apart for the hopeless Panthers 

Not long ago, there was some excitement over Baker Mayfield possibly reviving his career with the Carolina Panthers.  

Four weeks into the season, coach Matt Rhule was asked about about his quarterback plans moving forward. He couldn't even fake his way through a confident answer.

Here are the power rankings after Week 4 of the NFL season:

1. Buffalo Bills (3-1, LW: 1) The Bills weren't at their best on Sunday, but still beat a tough Ravens team in Baltimore after falling behind 20-3.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (4-0, LW: 2) There are no 0-4 teams in the NFL. There's only one 4-0 team. When they were behind 14-0 to the Jaguars and rallied to take the lead back before halftime, it said a lot about this Eagles team. They're here to stay this season. 

3. Kansas City Chiefs (3-1, LW: 3) The Bills play at the Chiefs in two weeks. That will be the most important game of the regular season, because neither team wants to go on the road to face the other in January. 

4. Green Bay Packers (3-1, LW: 5) In a perfect world the Packers put away the Patriots much sooner than they did, and the same goes for the Buccaneers game the week before. This just isn't an offense that is capable of that, yet anyway.

5. Miami Dolphins (3-1, LW: 4) It's not the most important angle of the Tua Tagovailoa injury, but the Dolphins still have games to play and will do so for at least one week without their quarterback. 

6. Baltimore Ravens (2-2, LW: 8) I get why John Harbaugh went for it instead of kicking a field goal in the fourth quarter on Sunday, but I think he should have taken the points. 

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-2, LW: 7 Maybe Sunday night was just a matter of the Buccaneers not being good enough to compete with the Chiefs.

8. Dallas Cowboys (3-1, LW: 12) The Cowboys are 3-0 since Dak Prescott got hurt. No, this is not a "Cooper Rush should be the QB" statement, because that's nonsensical.

9. San Francisco 49ers (2-2, LW: 16) That was an absolutely dominant performance by the 49ers' defense. San Francisco has the best defense in the NFL. 

10. Los Angeles Rams (2-2, LW: 6) Cooper Kupp is an amazing player. The Rams need their offense to be more than Kupp. Allen Robinson being a ghost through four games is killing their offense.  

23. Atlanta Falcons (2-2, LW: 29) The Falcons need more than seven completions to keep winning. That's all they got on Sunday. But they are .500, which is good when you consider they were close to winning in each of their two losses

24. Detroit Lions (1-3, LW: 19) The Lions' defense is just dreadful. The Seahawks aren't good on offense and they rang up 555 yards.

25. New England Patriots (1-3, LW: 21) The Patriots' playcalling against Green Bay was way too conservative, especially when they had the ball over midfield in overtime.

26. Seattle Seahawks (2-2, LW: 30) Geno Smith has a pair of 300-yard games in a row and a 108 passer rating. Is he the next unlikely late-career breakout?

27. New York Jets (2-2, LW: 32) Zach Wilson wasn't good for most of Sunday's game, but had a few brief flashes and then came through with the game-winning drive when he needed it.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-3, LW: 25) It looks like the Steelers are making the permanent switch to rookie QB Kenny Pickett. Better late than never, I guess.

29. Chicago Bears (2-2, LW: 28) Justin Fields has 34 completions in four games. Through Sunday's game, 

  30. Washington Commanders (1-3, LW: 26) Rookie running back Brian Robinson, who was shot in the leg in a robbery attempt before the season,

31. Carolina Panthers (1-3, LW: 27) One of the most amazing ongoing stats in the NFL is that under Matt Rhule,

 the Panthers are 1-26 when their opponent scores 17 or more points including 24 losses in a row. That's unfathomable.

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