Mike Golic, Jr.: 'Tommy Rees coached his *** off this year!'

It’s been just over a year since Brian Kelly left for LSU and Marcus Freeman was named the 30th head coach in the storied history of Notre Dame football.  

There have been ups, downs, and seemingly everything in-between these last 12 months as it was an 8-4 season that won’t soon be forgotten by any Notre Dame fan.

So how do you evaluate the year and the extreme highs coupled with a few of those lows that it brought?

 I’ve sat here and done that since September and not that I won’t continue to do so,

but figured it’d be good to get a different couple of voices to share their thoughts.

Mike Golic and Mike Golic, Jr. both continue to work in the football media world and thanks to their partnership with Chili’s,

were able to join me to discuss the state of Notre Dame football a year into the Freeman era.  Here is what they had to say:

Partnership with Chili's https://twitter.com/AlliHayesMedia/status/1593665497169629185?s=20&t=WojtIf-QcU2EkrY5i9bvqQ

Mike Golic, Jr.: “The baby back ribs song will be in my head the rest of the day now so thanks for that,

but we’ve been going to Chili’s since I was a kid and they offer a great place to watch football any day of the week.

 We were helping serve food at the Chili’s in Mishawaka (Indiana) where we had been many of times previously with our time at Notre Dame.  

They’ve got a great happy hour menu for football season and are a great neighborhood place to go with some buddies to watch the games and to take advantage of some great deals.”


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