Marcus Freeman speaks after Notre Dame win over Boston College

Marcus Freeman had little reason to be upset about Notre Dame’s 44-0 win over Boston College.

Any coach in his shoes would feel the same way. He indicated such during his postgame news conference.

 Thanks to the folks at Irish Illustrated for providing these quotes:

“Man, what a win. What a way to go out for this season at Notre Dame Stadium.

We spent a lot of time last night as a team talking about what an opportunity

 we get to perform one more time as this team at Notre Dame Stadium.

And I wanted to make sure we finished this season and this last opportunity the right way.

 And I’ll start by saying thank you for people that help make this opportunity happen.

And so, the people to stayed, the fans, man, the students and the people that work here have been unbelievable.

 As far as the game, obviously, it went really well with the ability to run the ball offensively early in the game

. And really, Drew I thought started off the game really pretty good, and taking advantage of the opportunities that he had.

Isaiah Foskey breaks the sack record, which is huge when you think about the elite pass rushers

we’ve had in the history of Notre Dame football. Michael Mayer breaking another record today at home was huge.


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