Joel Klatt reveals new college football top 10 as Week 11 concludes

Perhaps crazy isn’t the right way to describe what Week 11 of the college football season was but intense certainly fits the bill.

 Of the 25 ranked teams in the College Football Playoff rankings this week, eight were handed losses this weekend.

We took a guess at what that might mean to the next batch of rankings when they’re released this coming Tuesday night.

 Other rankings from college football experts are starting to roll in as well.

After UCLA concluded by falling at home to Arizona,

 Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt weighed in with his new top 10 rankings.  

As added bonus, he gave a handful of teams shoutouts who are on the cusp of entering his top 10, too.  

Here is how Klatt’s newest rankings look with just two weeks remaining in the college football season.

15. UCLA 14.  Ole Miss 13. North Carolina 12. Oregon

11. Clemson 10. Utah 9. Penn State

8. USC 7. Alabama 6. LSU

5. Tennessee 4. TCU 3. Michigan

2. Ohio State 1. Georgia

ESPN updates college power rankings after Week 11