Hendershot 'Thankful', Sets Record With 1st TD

- It was National Tight Ends Day and Dak Prescott made sure the Dallas Cowboys celebrated

 by leaning on theirs to help defeat the visiting Detroit Lions in Week 7.

Dalton Schultz returned to battle through a knee injury to reel in all five of his targets for 49 yards and rookie Peyton Hendershot left his own imprint on the 24-6 victory.

The undrafted former Indiana standout reeled in his first-ever NFL touchdown late in the fourth quarter

 - following a sack and takeaway by fellow rookie Sam Williams - to nail the coffin shut.

"It was a blessing," "I can not describe the words for it. I'm very blessed and thankful to be a Dallas Cowboy."

Hendershot wasn't the only player open on the play, however.

So was the other rookie tight end, Jake Ferguson, not far away from Hendershot -

 the former being the first to rush over and congratulate the latter in the back of the end zone.

Ferguson scored his first-ever NFL touchdown just last week in what was nearly a comeback win for the

The young duo has now made franchise history - 2022 marking the first season in the existence

 of the club wherein two rookie tight ends have both scored touchdowns.

"One of the best rookie classes I've seen in my seven years here,"

 said Dak Prescott of what he's seeing from Hendershot, Ferguson and, as a related aside, from others like Sam Williams,

the defensive up-and-comer having racked up a breakout day against the Lions.

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