Fox Sports' Joel Klatt has Clemson above Georgia in Week 5 rankings

Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt revealed his Week 5 college football rankings on Sunday,

Coming off a 30-20 victory over NC State last week and a double-overtime win over Week Forest the week prior,

 the Tigers are widely considered a Top-10 team in the country.

For Klatt, Clemson’s recent performance has given him enough reasoning to rank the

 Tigers above Georgia and most other teams in consideration for a Top-10 spot.

In his explanation, Klatt acknowledged that the Tigers’ offense has clearly progressed since 2021,

It’s a long season, but many have echoed Klatt’s prediction because of the remaining games on Clemson’s schedule.

1. Ohio State Buckeyes (5-0) Klatt’s ranking: No. 1

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (5-0) Klatt’s ranking: No. 2

3. Michigan Wolverines (5-0) Klatt’s ranking: No. 3 AP Poll: No. 4

4. Clemson Tigers (5-0) Klatt’s ranking: No. 4 AP Poll: No. 5

5. Georgia Bulldogs (5-0) Klatt’s ranking: No. 5 AP Poll: No. 2

6. Oklahoma State Cowboys (4-0) Klatt’s ranking: No. 6 AP Poll: No. 7

7. USC Trojans (5-0) Klatt’s ranking: No. 7 AP Poll: No. 6

8. Penn State Nittany Lions (5-0) Klatt’s ranking: No. 8 AP Poll: No. 10

9. Tennessee Volunteers (4-0) Klatt’s ranking: No. 9 AP Poll: No. 8

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