Formula 1: What should you look out for as F1 returns after its summer break?

Formula 1 reconvenes at the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend -

 the end of its summer break marking the start of a hectic run of nine races in 12 weeks that will decide the 2022 World Championship, and much more besides.

Red Bull's Max Verstappen appears to be heading inexorably towards a second world title,

helped on his way by Ferrari's propensity for shooting themselves in the foot.

Lewis Hamilton is in danger of losing his record of winning a race in every season of his career

 but could a rule change that comes into force this weekend help him maintain it?

And the 2023 driver market still needs to be resolved after Fernando Alonso's move to Aston Martin sparked a manic couple of days following the last race in Hungary.

Verstappen heads into what are effectively two home races on consecutive weekends in Belgium and,

 the Netherlands with an impregnable-looking 80-point lead over his only realistic rival - Ferrari's Charles Leclerc.

It shouldn't be this way. Red Bull and Ferrari are incredibly closely matched,

but while Ferrari have managed to turn seven Leclerc pole positions into only three victories,

Verstappen's record is an almost exact inverse - eight wins from just three poles.

To put the Dutchman's lead into context, Leclerc could win all the remaining races and claim the fastest lap bonus points and still not win the title if Verstappen is second in each one.

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