Notre Dame football: Is Rees The Broken Piece?

No matter how the rest of this year plays out, there is little doubt what question will be top of mind for fans the minute

 the Notre Dame season comes to an end. Will offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Tommy,

excuse me, Tom, Rees going to be back in 2023 or not?

I don’t mean to pick on Rees, single him out or use him as an easy scapegoat.

 It just is and has been abundantly clear for many years now that the offensive side of the ball has held Notre Dame

This fact leads to some tough questions regarding everything from on-field play to behind-

the-scenes quarterback recruiting, retention & development. Let’s take a look at some cases both

For 1-He's an "ND guy" Rees played at Notre Dame. I get it. We all do. Notre Dame is a family at its’ core. 

And folks generally like and protect family members. The romanticism of Frank Leahy playing under Rockne at Notre Dame

only to eventually take the program to even higher heights in his mentor’s role ,

as the head coach is not lost on me. It’s the ultimate feel-good story.

to this aspect of the game really like a lot of Rees’ concepts and schemes, even when they don’t produce big numbers.

For 3-Players & Recruits Like Him Unlike some recently departed Notre Dame assistants,

all indications are that the players really enjoy working with Rees and trust him. He’s been a constant through change

. I cannot measure this, but it surely carries a lot of value. I do not underestimate this.

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