Five factors that will determine if Notre Dame can upset USC

The season finale is a big one for Notre Dame, as they have a chance to play spoiler,

 and put an end to USC’s dreams of making the College Football Playoff.

 This game will be a full 60 minutes of excitement, as the case with any rivalry game.

 It should be a very highly contested contest and one that will have us on the edge of our seats all game.

Here are five factors that will determine the outcome for the Irish.

There is no doubt that Williams will put up some numbers,

the great collegiate quarterbacks always seem to do so and he falls into that category.

The key however, will be to limit what Williams will end up doing.

If the Irish are able to keep him in the pocket and put pressure on him to make bad decisions

 then the game could very well be decided on this matchup.

Williams extending plays with his legs is a big factor and if the Irish can contain him,

then that would be a very good sign as well. The goal isn’t to shut him down,

it’s slowing Williams down enough for the Irish to take control.


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