Fighting Irish Wire Friends: The one where an all-time Notre Dame quarterback called us out

Technology is great, it truly is.  Until it isn’t.  Then it can be a real pain in the backside.

 If you follow us on social media – and seriously, why on God’s green earth wouldn’t you

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 then you missed us sending a former Notre Dame quarterback birthday wishes on Wednesday night.

The only problem is that his birthday was in March.

So we were either eight months late or four months early depending on your perspective.  

Oh, and it wasn’t like a quarterback that played just a few games or one season or something,

Fighting Irish Wire apologizes for the endless birthday wishes and promises

to find the bug in the system that keeps auto-posting that, 3.In the meantime,

happy 30th anniversary to Mirer, Jerome Bettis, Reggie Brooks,

and the rest of the 1992 team as the Snow Bowl was played 30 years ago earlier this week.


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