F1 Manager 2022 Review: A welcome rendition of the F1 world

There was a major buzz created online earlier this year when it was announced that an all-new Formula 1 manager game would be released.

 There was anticipation that the game would offer a new insight into the world of Formula 1, away from the concept of taking control of the cars.

This is exactly what F1 Manager 2022 has delivered. The player has no control over the pedals and steering inputs, and instead is subjected to running a team in a more intricate manner, effectively taking on the role of owner, team principal and strategist.  

The release is produced by Frontier Developments, who have experience in management-type games, such as Rollercoaster Tycoon and Jurassic World Evolution.

Having thrust itself into the major franchise that is Jurassic Park (quite successfully, with both JW Evolution and JW Evolution 2 being enjoyable) it faced a whole new challenge with the F1 world.

 It is no easy feat or task to take on, with the sport currently booming in popularity and engagement.

Upon setting up your career profile in the game, the player chooses which team they will start their journey with. 

Whether you want to compete for championships immediately with Red Bull and Ferrari or build your way to the top with Williams and Aston Martin, there is a unique challenge involved with each outfit.

One obvious addition going forward with potential future titles would be the inclusion of forming your own team on the grid, which currently isn’t an option. 

Taking a comparison from the official F1 games from Codemasters, ‘My Team’ has been a popular inclusion in recent games.

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