Everything J.J. McCarthy said in his Week 10 Michigan football press conference

J.J. McCarthy knows that he needs to be better in the vertical passing game,

and he makes no bones about it. He doesn’t blame his receivers for not catching the ball, he takes full accountability.

The Michigan football sophomore quarterback is still eager —

 in his commitment to the game as well as working to improve.

 While he feels that much has gone right for the No. 3 Wolverines,

On Tuesday evening, McCarthy met with the media to discuss where the team and the offense is at the moment.

He shared where he feels his game is at, what moment at Rutgers ‘pissed me off,’ and much more.

Here is everything he had to say.

Unbelievable. I’m so proud of both of them. Especially Jeff because it was his first start.

And he played absolutely terrific. Nothing but high praise for him. Gio —

I mean, that kid, he’s so special. Just the way he runs the ball, the way he can catch the ball —

 just his constant drive is something that stands out to me. He’s always striving for greatness.

 And being a part of that only makes me want to strive for greatness even more.

 And like I said, he could have been a five-star receiver coming out of high school as well. I mean

, he was coached up going into high school as a slot receiver.

So he’s just got so many tools and just so many different ways we could put him in certain spots for him to be successful.

So it’s a tremendous weapon. And I’m super blessed to have him as a friend and on my team.


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