Daniel Ricciardo's F1 career appears to be coming to an end

The 2023 F1 driver lineup is starting to come into focus as teams sign drivers or zero in on specific targets.

It now looks like none of those seats will be filled by Daniel Ricciardo, who seems resigned to his fate.

If Ricciardo is not in F1 next season, he will have a difficult task to ever get back in.

The music is still playing in Formula One's annual game of musical chairs, but when it stops,

 it looks more and more likely that fan favorite Daniel Ricciardo will be left without a seat.

The 2023 F1 driver lineup only has three obvious openings left, and as things stand, Ricciardo is unlikely to fill any of them.

Unless something unexpected develops, it now looks like he will be out of F1 in 2023. And if that happens,

we will likely never see him drive in the series again.

Ricciardo even sounds like somebody who is starting to realize his fate.

"I've certainly accepted, if I'm not to be on the grid next year, I'm okay with that,"

Ricciardo said after the Italian Grand Prix, according to Fox Sports. "I've accepted that I'm not going to do everything, or my [management] team's not going to do everything,

 just to put me on the grid if it's not right or it doesn't make sense."

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