Cowboys Top 10 Takes: Lucky to Survive Lions in Sluggish Dak Prescott Return

Thanks to two controversial non-reviews and five - f-i-v-e! - second-half turnovers by the Detroit Lions,

 the Dallas Cowboys survived a lackluster return by quarterback Dak Prescott to escape an upset in a 24-6 win.

10. Disappointing Dak - No, the Cowboys don't have a quarterback controversy.

 But, yes, they could have won this weird game against a woeful opponent with Cooper Rush.

9. Better Late Than Never - It took until almost Halloween, but Prescott finally led a touchdown drive this season.

9. Home Cookin' - This was the Cowboys' first win at AT&T Stadium started by Prescott since Dec. 26, 2021.

8. Five Alive - When you win the turnover battle in the NFL, you usually win.

 When you get five takeaways - in a single half - it's almost impossible to lose.

7. Waste of Space - KaVontae Turpin darted left, right and then up the field,

using his sprinter's speed for a 52-yard burst - the longest punt return in the NFL this season.

6. Not Perfect, But Better - In last week's loss in Philly, the Cowboys had 10 penalties and three turnovers.

5. Downtrodden Detroit - Through four games the Lions were the NFL's highest-scoring team. Against the Seahawks on Oct. 2, they scored 45 points.

4. Double Division Champs? - To get back in the race for the NFC East,

the Cowboys must win the … NFC North? Though you likely don’t yet have your Halloween costume pinned down

3. Dallas ... Dessert? - Watch enough NFL and you'll hear a peculiar name for an offensive audible.

But in the second first quarter we could swear we heard Prescott come to the line and

2. Review Reversal - The Cowboys were slogging their way through a 6-3 deficit early

1. Review Reversal II - If you didn't think the Cowboys could get any more fortunate, they can. And they did.

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