Cowboys News: Parsons punched a Giant? TV record, Jones photo center of attention

Cowboys fans woke up Friday out of a turkey-induced fog to realize that the 28-20 ,

comeback victory over the Giants wasn’t just the tryptophan talking.

And just like those mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce,

 the leftovers the next day are just as good. We’ve got the details on everything you might have missed

, from the run defense’s shutdown of Saquon Barkley and the tight ends’

inspired Whac-A-Mole touchdown celebration to the serious injury that didn’t seem to slow down Jayron Kearse,

 and the play that one Giants player says should result in a heavy fine for Micah Parsons.

We’ve got the latest on a private recruiting chat between Jerry Jones,

 and Odell Beckham Jr., the extra safety measures the Cowboys may take to snuff out a locker room illness,

 what the metrics say about Dak Prescott’s performance,

 and what the internet said about Prescott’s unexpected cell phone background.

 Also, Thursday’s game sets a new NFL viewership record,

 but seemingly on the wrong side of it. That’s all up in this edition of News and Notes.


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