Cowboys News: 'Full steam ahead' on OBJ, Gallup's return to prominence

Odell Beckham’s forced deboarding from a plane in Miami apparently doesn’t change the Cowboys’ interest in meeting with the wide receiver.

 This, while Michael Gallup continues his quiet return to prominence within the Dallas passing attack,

and whether the team signs OBJ or not isn’t the key to the season; it’s Dak Prescott continuing to play at an elite level.

Meanwhile, Pro Bowl votes are starting to be counted with several Cowboys players in the running for a nod.

The defense is showing improvement in tackling and stopping the run,

 but penalties could end up sinking this team for the second season in a row.

and the Colts will be at a serious disadvantage when they come to town.

All that, plus a preview of this year’s charity cleats and the team helps veterans get a head start in the current job market. Here’s the News and Notes.


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