Cowboys' Jerry Jones faces possible NFL fine for referee Halloween costume

Billionaire Jerry Jones' wallet could become slightly lighter if the NFL decides to fine him for his Halloween costume.

The longtime owner of the Dallas Cowboys dressed up as a "blind referee" for Halloween.

The costume featured Jones in a striped referee shirt, sunglasses and a walking stick.

The photo of Jones in the outfit was posted to his niece’s social media account.

"Oh yeah, I had the cane and everything," Jones told Sports Illustrated Sunday in reference to the outfit.

 "And I used it on some people, too."

Jones seemed to not take the costume seriously, but coaches and team officials are prohibited by the NFL from criticizing referees.

A league memo from 2019 addresses potential penalties for the following:

"Comments regarding the quality of officiating, individual calls or missed calls

, the League’s officiating department, an officiating crew, or an individual game official;

 [a]ccusing game officials of acting with bias or in any way questioning the integrity of NFL game officials;

or [p]osting negative or derogatory/demeaning content pertaining to officiating on social media."


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