College football's definitive 10 best helmets

If you ask that question to a dozen college football fans and of course they’ll answer with their

 favorite team and then proceed to name the likes of Notre Dame, Michigan, and Alabama probably before too long.

Great debates were being had on my Twitter feed Thursday morning so I decided to go back

into the vault and reexamine my top 10 helmet list that I originally put together during the pandemic.

But sometimes tastes change and things grow stale or old.

 With that in mind here are the definitive 10 best helmets in college football.

But first, let’s start with a couple that often gets love but should never be considered among

 the best for reasons we’ll quickly examine.

Whether you love the Nike involvement or hate it you have to admit that Oregon has carved

 out a unique niche with its different uniforms seemingly every week.

I’m a fan of them doing it and keeping things fresh, however,

you can’t be considered in the best helmet conversation if you never wear the same one two weeks in a row.

Winning makes anything look better and Georgia has certainly done a lot of that in recent years

but their helmet is nothing more than the Green Bay Packers with a lesser color combination.

 Florida and Tennessee both might not be the most exciting lids but at least the Gators and Vols can lay claim to originality.

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