College football’s definitive 10 best helmets

If you ask that question to a dozen college football fans and of course they’ll answer with,

 their favorite team and then proceed to name the likes of Notre Dame, Michigan, and Alabama probably before too long.

Great debates were being had on my Twitter feed Thursday morning so I decided to go back into

 the vault and reexamine my top 10 helmet list that I originally put together during the pandemic.

Too much love (2/3): Georgia Winning makes anything look better and Georgia has certainly done a lot of

that in recent years but their helmet is nothing more than the Green Bay Packers with a lesser color combination.

Too much love (3/3): LSU Oregon features a helmet or helmets that can be left up for some debate 

but there is no debate when it comes to LSU being left of this and any other list of the best college football helmets.

10. Alabama The Alabama helmet is no great shake but simultaneously all the great shakes. 

It’s white numbers on a maroon helmet, about as basic as it gets but when you win

 reason it beats out some close calls like Clemson and Iowa who both present strong cases.

9. USC Sure, USC‘s helmets and uniforms are ketchup and mustard looking, sure,

8. Ohio State Maybe Ohio State doesn’t have the most exciting helmet but going a bit with the theme here,

7. Penn State 6. Pitt 5. Wyoming

4. Michigan 3. Florida State

2. Texas 1. Notre Dame

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