College Football Playoff rankings projection following Week 11

Where did the fall go?  All of a sudden you look up one November evening,

 and just like that you’ve got just two weeks of regular season games left before

 conference championships and December take over.

In this writer’s humble opinion, fall is the best time of the year but it seems like it goes faster than any other season.

 Add college football to the mix and it’s regular season only goes by faster and faster.

So how do things shape up in regards to the College Football Playoff after 11 weeks of college football action?

 Here is our best guess at what the new CFP rankings will look like on Tuesday night after seven ranked teams fell in Week 11.

25. Duke (7-3) 24. Minnesota (7-3) 23. Oregon State (7-3) 22. Coastal Carolina (9-1) 21. Cincinnati (8-2)

20. Florida State (7-3) 19. UCF (8-2) 18. Notre Dame (7-3) 17. Kansas State (7-3) 16. UCLA (8-2)

15. Washington (8-2) 14. Ole Miss (8-2) 13. Oregon (8-2) 12. Penn State (8-2)

11. North Carolina (9-1) 10. Utah (8-2)


Joel Klatt reveals new college football top 10 as Week 11 concludes