Charles Leclerc starts on pole for Italian Grand Prix: F1 – live! 

LIVE – Updated at 14:28 Lap-by-lap report: Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari starts in pole at Monza – Daniel Harris has the latest.

14:28 Lap 16/53 Hamilton is making slow but steady progress, passing Ocon to take twelfth, and this season must be absolutely killing him.  

14:27 Lap 15/53 Leclerc will have to drive six extra laps on his mediums because that’s how early he was brought in, 

14:26 Lap 14/53 Verstappen still leads… 1 Verstappen 2 Russell 3 Leclerc 4 Sainz 5 Ricciardo

6 Gasly 7 Alonso 8 Norris 9 De Vreis 10 Ocon

14:24 Lap 13/53 Verstappen leads Russell by 4.769s with Leclerc a further 12.725 behind; Sainz races by Ricciardo into fourth, and the crowd enjoys the granny out of that. 

14:23 Lap 12/53 Ferrari decides to take advantage of the situation, bringing their drivers in for a pit, then the virtual safety car departs and Leclerc comes out in third having got a cheap stop in.

14:21 Lap 11/53 Sainz nails Gasly, but Vettel has to retire with a mechanical issue and we get ourselves a virtual safety car. Leclerc won’t be delighted, but he leads by 2.039s, which isn’t bad at all. 

14:20 Lap 11/53 Sainz diddles Norris on the inside at the chicane and what a race he’s having. However, though he’s close to Gasly in front, there’s a big gap between Russell, in third, and Ricciardo, in fourth.

14:19 Lap 10/53 The crowd goes wild as Sainz’s Ferrari boasts by Alonso’s Alpine – he’s now seventh having started 18th, and the Tifosi are already imagining a memorable day.

14:19 14:17 Lap 9/53 Sainz nails De Vries, who did well to hold out as long as he did, to take eighth, while Hamilton is now 15th. At the front, Verstappen is 1.527s behind Leclerc.

14:1914:16 Lap 8/53 Verstappen is having his batteries charged and trails by just under two seconds he’ll be quicker again shortly,

while Perez is in the pit lane and something, probably his brakes, is overheating. He’s on hards to, the only driver who is, while Sainz, passing Zhou to go ninth, is on mediums. 

14:14 Lap 7/53 There’s a DRS chain between Ricciardo, Gasly, and Norris, in fourth, fifth, and sixth place respectively, but no one can pull off an overtake.

. Sainz Jr, though, is worth paying attention to as he’s got some real pace and if things go well for him, he’ll finish way higher than a tenth.

14:13 Lap 1/53 Leclerc starts OK but Russell starts very well and they’re together, but Leclerc holds position and Verstappen is motoring! He’s fourth now, from seventh!

14:13 Lap 6/53 Leclerc still leads, but he’ll not have thought Verstappen would be so close to him so early on. Sainz Jr, meanwhile, who started 18th on the grid, has just nailed Stroll, who’s going backward, to take tenth place … and Perez goes by Ocon to take 13th.

14:11 Lap 5/53 Verstappen is all over Russell and he ails him through the chicane; he’s 2.191s off the lead while Hamilton, 18.617s behind, is now 18th.

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