5 things to know about the Cowboys at the 2022 season midpoint

The Dallas Cowboys are in the midst of a good season, sitting at 6-2 approximately halfway through their schedule.

 With the bye week arriving in the middle of it all, it’s a good point to evaluate where the Cowboys are at.

Ironically, the Cowboys have the exact record the team had after eight games last year,

 and if you ask most fans which team was better, there’s little doubt most would say the 2021 version of the Cowboys.

 Both teams achieved the same record, but how they got there is very different.

Having six wins through eight games is a bit of a shock after how the season began.

Starting quarterback Dak Prescott got hurt in Week 1, which felt like it would sink the season before it began.

However, a funny thing happened of the way to sure losses with backup quarterback Cooper Rush under center, Dallas went 4-1.

It was an unexpected way to get to 6-2, but before the season began,

having six wins heading into the bye week would’ve been considered a great record.

With the remaining nine games on the schedule, there’s no reason the Cowboys can’t make the postseason.

Let’s break down how the Cowboys got where they are, and where they stand at the halfway mark in their season.


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