Parents Ultimate Guide to Roblox

Is Roblox safe for kids? How does it work? And what the heck are Robux?

What is Roblox?

Roblox is an online gaming platform where you may make and share your games in addition to playing ones made by other users. You can play endless games and have free user chats after signing up. There’s always a fresh selection of imaginative and entertaining challenges, ranging from sports to combat games to murder mysteries.

Work at a Pizza Place, MeepCity, and Adopt Me! are a few of the most played games. Your children will need to purchase Robux, the in-game money, if they want to play the game to the end or alter their avatars. Additionally, they might consider subscribing to Roblox Premium, which offers more features at a cost.

What age is Roblox for?

Roblox does not specify a minimum age requirement. Groups may be created and joined by users of any age, and users can also communicate and engage with one another. The children, particularly the smaller ones, may be exposed to various dangers if this strategy is used. In addition, although Roblox has implemented a few safety measures, it continues to be a target for those with less-than-ideal objectives.

Despite this, Common Sense Media considers Roblox suitable for users aged 13 and older due to the educational opportunities it provides. Enable privacy settings for your children and instruct them on how to be safe when using the internet to assist them in protecting themselves.

What are Robux?

In-game cash on Roblox is referred to as Robux. They may be used for various purposes, such as providing your avatar with distinctive animations or clothes, providing your avatar with specific powers in games, and providing weapons and other items.

Robux may be accomplished in various ways, including purchasing them, acquiring them as part of a Premium membership, exchanging them for other things, or having someone gift them to you. Earning them may also be accomplished by charging Roblox users to play games you have made and by setting for things included in your games.

How much does Roblox cost?

Roblox uses a freemium/premium model. Robux is needed for anything more than the bare minimum. For the most recent subscriptions and rates, see this link.

Are there parental controls for Roblox?

Roblox has account restrictions that allow parents to limit the kinds of games and interactions their children may have on the website. Children of all ages may register for a Roblox account without parental controls; the rules are optional.

Roblox automatically sets more onerous restrictions on accounts for children under thirteen, but if there is no parent PIN, a child may be able to override them. To put up account limits, follow this instruction.

Can you make real money from Roblox?

Roblox does allow users to earn real money. Creators who are committed to their work may make significant amounts of money. Roblox allows you to generate cash via various approaches, such as charging other players for access to games you build, charging incremental fees inside your game, and exchanging uncommon things other players are willing to pay for.

You must be at least 13 years old, already have a Premium membership, and have a minimum of 100,000 Robux in your account to be eligible to earn money. Afterward, you can exchange the Robux for actual cash from the organization.

Is there chat on Roblox, and is it safe?

Roblox invites people to interact with its Chat & Party function. All conversations are filtered, and derogatory terms are replaced with symbols.

Chat is more rigorously monitored for accounts belonging to minors under 13. Additionally, Roblox employs personnel monitors who scour the workplace for objectionable language and content.

Since people have figured out how to get past the monitors and filtered discussions, it’s critical to know who you’re speaking with to maintain secure communication.

What are “ODers” in Roblox?

“OD” is an acronym for “online dater.” These people use social media platforms like gaming websites like Roblox for love companions. Even custom games for ODers may be created on Roblox. Although ODers don’t often prey on children, Roblox doesn’t expressly prohibit them. (They could just be searching for other ODers.)

The monitors at Roblox keep an eye out for offensive dialogue and material. Additionally, sexually suggestive conversation is forbidden per the community rules. Remember that sexually explicit discussions may still occur and spread to other areas of the website.

Going over online safety with your child if they wish to play Roblox is important. This includes teaching them how to identify possible predators, report and block individuals, and recognize “grooming” behavior, which is a tactic used by predators to gain the confidence of their victims.

Are sexual predators a big problem on Roblox?

Roblox has predators, much like many other well-known social networks. Roblox’s user-friendly chat feature is a valuable tool predators use to find their victims. (To begin talking, register with Roblox; the Chat & Party window appears on almost every website page.) Roblox filters out malicious users using both technology and human monitors; however, these users nevertheless periodically resurface.

Kids should enable the most restricted contact settings so they may play as securely as possible and stay out of the reach of predators. You may limit communication to only friends or turn off chat to stop others from contacting you.

It’s important to teach your children not to accept private messages (PMs) from strangers and not to converse with strangers. Assure them that giving out personal information is never appropriate, that following their gut feelings when someone makes them uncomfortable is a sign of a predator, and that switching the topic of a discussion to a new platform is never a good idea.