Top 13 Roblox Games With Voice Chat

Roblox has approximately 66 million active users daily, making it very popular. In addition to being free, it has a large selection of games. In this post, we’ll look at the best Roblox games with voice chat.

Creating connections with other players is essential to online gaming. This experience is improved with voice chat; let’s look at some of the top Roblox games where you can wear a headset.

Top 13 Roblox Games With Voice Chat

These Roblox games with voice chat could interest you if you like conversing with others while playing games online!

1. Piggy

This voice-activated Roblox game blends horror themes with the well-known children’s program Peppa Pig. Although that sounds a little strange, it heightens the spookiness.

Escape the Facility and Piggy have similar structures, although Piggy has a more substantial plot to keep you interested. Communicating with other players in the game may help you feel safer while having fun.

2. Mad City: Update!

Players are given superpowers in Mad City and entertaining anarchy results. You can utilize these abilities for your gain or for good.

Mad City offers many options for player interaction, much like a multiplayer online game. In the middle of all the craziness, the voice chat function helps you collaborate with other players.

3. Outlaster

Until live until the very end, compete with other players. Although it may seem like a typical battle royale game, it resembles the television program Survivor.

In Outlaster, players vote to remove a player from the game after completing various gameshow tasks. You can vote according to a player’s performance or even use your vote to attempt to outwit other players.

4. Mic Up

After overcoming terrifying scenarios and complex tasks in the earlier games, Mic Up allows you to relax and enjoy a light conversation with pals.

The main objective of this Roblox game is to create a virtual chat room where you can hang out and unwind using voice chat.

5. Bed Wars

Your objective in Roblox Bed Wars is to outlast your rivals and emerge victorious. Easy.GG’s Bed Wars is a battle royale game with a twist: in addition to attempting to destroy other players, you must defend your bed!

Roblox’s voice chat feature and a headset may be helpful in the Bed Wars team’s mode.

6. The Wild West

The American Wild West is the central theme of this game. In this chaotic environment, you can choose how you wish to play. You may be a decent citizen and perform some honest labor, or you can band up with others to steal a bank.

With so many other people present, using voice chat may make roleplaying in the game much more enjoyable.

7. Stop It Slender

In yet another eerie game, Stop It, Slender!, your objective is to collect pages while evading capture by the enigmatic Slender.

You may cooperate with other players and locate the pages more efficiently if you speak with them!

8. Epic Minigames

Are you trying to find something entertaining for your buddies to do? Epic Minigames is an excellent selection!

You compete against other players in various minigames similar to ones you may see on a game show in this Roblox game with voice chat. You get points depending on how well you do; the player with the most points wins! But this game doesn’t provide any monetary rewards.

The minigames, which might involve team-based fights or obstacle course racing, are randomly chosen.

9. Flee The Facility

The horror survival game Flee the Facility was made by Roblox user MrWindy and was influenced by the well-known game Dead by Daylight.

Your objective in this game is to get out of a facility before “the beast,” a monster, finds you. You’ll need to work with other players to accomplish a series of tasks to succeed.

10. Survive The Night

In Survive the Night, you aim to avoid a deadly murderer on the loose. Dead by Daylight inspired this game, similar to Flee the Facility.

Your chances of surviving will significantly rise if you cooperate and maintain organization, so always have your headset on and ready to talk!

11. Prison Escape Simulator

Like the last game, Prison Escape Simulator is about figuring out how to get free. Instead of fleeing from a terrifying beast in this game, you’ll escape from subterranean jail guards.

You have a rather inventive primary escape plan: you’ll use a spoon to break through the jail walls. Thus, collaborate with other players on Roblox utilizing the voice chat option, and you’ll be accessible in no time!

12. Project Lazarus: Zombies

Let’s return to more action-packed games now. In “Project Lazarus: Zombies,” you may arm yourself to fight legions of undead. You may advance in this Roblox game by destroying adversaries, repairing barriers, and accessing new sections.

Since “Project Lazarus: Zombies” emphasizes teamwork, the voice chat option may be beneficial.

13. Natural Disaster Survival

In this Stickmasterluke Roblox game, you must stay alive on an island by avoiding falling debris and calamities. You’ll move up the leaderboard the longer you play Natural Disaster Survival.

Voice chat allows you to communicate with other survivors to collaborate and remain safe or demonstrate your abilities.

How To Get Voice Chat In Roblox

Using voice chat in Roblox is not too difficult, but it’s more challenging than simply plugging in your headset. Here’s how to make it active:

Step 1: Sign In To Your Roblox Account And Click On “Settings.”

By selecting the little gear icon in the top right corner of the page, you can access the “Settings” section.

Step 2: Visit “Account Info” And Search For The “Verify My Age” Option.

Step 3: Scan The QR Code

The Roblox app will direct you to a website listing the requirements for proving your age when you scan the QR code. Follow the instructions on that page and provide the necessary documents to verify your age.

This will assist you in finishing the age verification procedure.

Step 4: Go To “Privacy” And Turn On “Voice Chat.”

Is Roblox Voice Chat Suitable For Kids?

Yes, children can utilize Roblox voice chat; however, parents need to supervise their usage of the feature. Roblox suggests that its games be played by youngsters nine or older; nevertheless, the minimum age requirement to allow voice chat is thirteen.

On the other hand, even if they fulfill the age limit, children might still be exposed to dangers when using the internet. It is essential for parents to be aware of these dangers and to make use of the parental controls that Roblox provides.

Because Roblox is a platform that allows users to develop their content, improper content may sometimes arise on the site. To add insult to injury, parents have a responsibility to address problems such as cyberbullying and internet predators.

It is also possible for parents to utilize the mute tool on Roblox to prevent other users from using voice chat to disturb their children.

Is It Safe To Provide Your ID For Roblox Voice Chat?

It is safe to do so in most cases. For age verification, Roblox employs protective measures such as giving anonymized values to scanned identification documents. When exposing personal information online, practicing care is always a good idea since no online platform is entirely immune to data breaches.


You can notice that voice chat is mainly used in Roblox games, encouraging you to collaborate with other players by looking at the list that was just shown. While some players love playing alone, others prefer collaborating with other players.

Some players, particularly those participating in competitive games, utilize voice chat to engage in mind games and trash-talking. Because other players use voice chat, it is essential to remember that unsuitable language may sometimes be sent successfully.

These are some of the most well-known games that may be played on Roblox when voice chat is enabled. This list may evolve because people are constantly developing and upgrading new games.